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Mental Success CD's

Success Motivation
Motivation is the driving force behind desire. If your desire is success, personal or business, accelerate your urge to succeed with this fast-acting program! - Program #11

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Total Concentration
Success in all aspects of your life can depend on your level of concentration - your ability to target your mental energy toward a specific goal. This program, geared at improving your abilities to tune out distractions at will and accomplish more in less time, will bring you lasting results! - Program #12

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Stop Procrastination
Procrastination is a real problem that can keep you from achieving your goals. Stop procrastination with this effective SCWL program and get it done! Now! For most people, this is a very fast acting program. - Program #14

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Setting and Achieving Positive Goals
Turn wishful thinking into positive thinking as you transform your good intentions and great ideas into reality through the action-oriented messages of this program. It will virtually spur you to set objectives, develop step-by-step plans for fulfilling them and follow your goals through to completion. - Program #32

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Getting into Exercise
The importance of daily physical exercise is tantamount to achieving a long, healthy life. This program was designed to get you motivated to begin a routine exercise program. Visualize positive results; see yourself exercising and loving the results. Get into exercise and feel a great new you. - Program #44

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Developing a Winner's Attitude
"You become what you think about all day long." Think win, work and play to win, and win. Use your mind's unlimited power to program a winning attitude and you will attract the positive results that make you a winner with a winning attitude. - Program #47

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Reaching the Top / Thinking & Being the Best
Having the knowledge, ability and experience combined with an inner drive to reach the top will put you there because what you think about, you become! - Program #48

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Effective Speaking
Whether you are speaking one-to-one or to a large group, this dynamic SCWL program will give you the poise and strong confidence as you speak with the grace of a seasoned diplomat. - Program #57

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Decision Making for Success
Our entire life is making choices, each one requiring a decision. Literally program your mind toward making successful, positive decisions. - Program #58

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Personal Power Dynamics
There is power within everyone.the dynamic power of thought. Thoughts that created everything. This SCWL program is intended to create a mental importance to your thinking; thinking that functions like a magnet, attracting to you whatever you need to move higher and higher. - Program #63

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Effective Listening
Few qualities endear someone to us more than being a good listener. A seemingly simple and passive act, listening well actually requires great powersw of concentration, a healthy curiosity and good analytical abilities. Master this incredibly vfaluable communication skill as this program directs you to increase your attention span, alertness and interest in others. - Program #76

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This SCWL program could possibly be the most powerful program we have ever produced. Become a person who masters the qualities of self-discipline. Take charge concepts are incorporated in this scripting, encouraging and strengthening your will to consistently make and follow through with sound judgments and decisions towards your personal success. - Program #79

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